Airports & Runways

Blastrac offers a full range of professional equipment dedicated to airport applications such as rubber removal and removal of line stripings and markings.

Bridges & Highways

Blastrac products provide efficient and environmentally friendly solutions for time sensitive jobs such as bridge and highway surfacing and repair.

Decorative Floors

Blastrac has developed a full range of equipment and tools specifically meant for grinding, polishing, and/or exposing the aggregates on floors.

Industrial Floors

As a specialist of floor renovation and preparation, Blastrac has developed a full range of specific techniques, equipment, and tools to fulfill all of your needs in the fields of removal, renovation and preparation of industrial floors.

Steel Preparation

Horizontal and vertical steel blasting systems prepare steel surfaces such as storage tank surfaces, ship decks and hulls, barges and other marine vessels, hatch covers, tank tops, bridge decks, and offshore drilling platforms.

Rental & DIY

Blastrac products are available through distributors as rental equipment for do it yourself projects. Blastrac is the choice of professionals.

Demolition & Remediation

Blastrac provides a specific solution as well as a range of practical and performing tools and equipment for your renovation needs.